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Part E Sound Insulation Testing (England and Wales)


Sound Acoustics Ltd is a member of the ANC Registration Scheme for Sound Insulation Testing (Registration No. 164) in accordance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Our Part E sound insulation testing work will therefore be accepted by all Building Control bodies, Code for Sustainable Homes and NHBC. Our aim is to offer you a speedy, good value and friendly sound insulation testing service with plain language reporting. Clients normally get to speak directly to our own ANC registered sound insulation testers when arranging sound insulation testing. We do not sub-contract sound insulation test work out to other organisations. You can therefore be assured of a high level of service throughout your project.

When contacting us about a new project for sound insulation testing it would be helpful if you could tell us the location, the number of properties and the number of separating construction types between dwellings. E.g. there might be a concrete first floor and a timber second floor or a masonry wall and a timber stud wall. This information will allow us to determine the number of sound insulation tests required and to give you an accurate quote. Don't worry if you don't have all this information to hand as we can still give you a sound insulation test estimate which can be confirmed later once we have the necessary information (sending us pdf floor plan drawings can be very helpful but is not essential).

To sound insulation test the completed separating constructions accurately there are certain requirements we need. The most important of these are:

- mains power (110V or 240V [please advise which] but not a generator)

- the rooms and surrounding area should be vacant with closeable doors and windows (therefore no wet paint) and carpets should not be fitted if testing floors (other than solid concrete floors)

- there should be no surrounding noise e.g. a radio, power tools, plant machinery or people talking etc.

In addition to the sound insulation testing, our service can begin at a much earlier stage of your project than the acoustic test stage. We can check your design, review your drawings and provide sound insulation recommendations to help you pass the sound insulation tests first time round.


When getting a quote for sound insulation testing make sure you ask if the company is ANC registered or UKAS accredited for sound insulation testing. Membership of the ANC on its own is not sufficient. If you don't ask the question you risk having to have the sound insulation tests carried out all over again!

We do not sub-contract sound insulation testing to other companies. This way we can be certain of the quality of service you will receive.

When to get the tests done

The best time to get the sound insulation testing done is when the construction is complete (including doors and windows) but before decoration has taken place. You must inform us if there is anything other than standard 240V mains power.

Call or email for a quote

Call 01473 781871 today to discuss your project and to get a sound insulation test quote over the phone. Alternatively, email (using our enquiry form if you have pc based email) or post your project details (location, number of properties etc) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.