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Acoustic Consultancy


Before starting any project involving acoustics you should seek professional advice from an IOA and ANC recognised acoustic consultancy. Sound Acoustics Ltd is one such company. If you don't make contact at the right time or with the right people you may have to carry out remedial sound insulation measures which will prolong the project. This is the last thing you need when you are working to a tight budget and timescale. Similarly, you do not want your constructions to be over-designed for sound insulation or to include expensive acoustic materials that often give no better results than carefully selected standard building materials. And you certainly won't want non-qualified materials salesmen selling you expensive products to solve your problem only to miss obvious flanking routes. To help you avoid such situations, we can offer the following services (not all services are necessary):

Review your drawings, assess the requirements to the relevant standards or documents and confirm whether the provisions for sound insulation, isolation or absorption are acceptable or not. Provide recommendations where necessary. This could be for an assessment in the following areas: Building Regulations Part E, BB93, BS4142, Control of Noise at Work etc.

Visit site to carry out a noise survey and/or inspect the existing constructions.

Provide plain language reports with recommendations for sound insulation and/or noise control capable of achieving the project brief.

As dedicated sound insulation testers and noise consultants we want you to meet the project goals first time round. Our recommendations will utilise common or readily available building materials wherever possible. We do not sell any materials, acoustic or otherwise, so you can be sure that our primary aims are to provide you with a cost-effective solution and for you to come back to us for acoustic consultancy on your next project.

Our acoustic consultants can perform the following noise surveys and assessments:

Planning and Traffic Noise

Noise surveys to satisfy planning conditions on projects near transport noise sources.

BB93 Acoustics and Schools

Ensuring our youngsters have excellent acoustics in schools.

BS4142 Industrial Noise

Assessing the likelihood of complaints due to proposed industrial noise near dwellings.

Noise at Work 2005

Noise surveys and monitoring in the workplace to protect the hearing of employees.

Other Assessments

We can help with many other noise and vibration surveys and assessments.

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